The Best Disc Golf Valley discs in real life

The best Disc Golf Valley discs in real life

We’ve all probably played Disc Golf Valley at some point, if you haven’t I seriously recommend giving it a try. Just go to the iOS App Store or Google Play store and search for “Disc Golf Valley”, it will blow your mind!

In the game there are plenty of Trilogy discs to choose from, but which ones are the best to try out in real life? Here’s a list of 7 discs you should definitely try out in real life!

My #1 pick – Latitude 64 Pure

Speed: 3; Glide: 3, Turn: -1, Fade: 1

Stability: Stable

Disc Golf Valley Latitude 64 retro burst PURE disc golf disc

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Every single disc golfer should have at least a couple of putters in their bag, a few for putting only and at least one for throwing off tees and on the fairway. Let me introduce you to the Latitude 64 Pure, which is the most common putter in Disc Golf Valley and also extremely popular in real life for a lot of disc golfers. Pure is an extremely straight flying putter and feels great in the hand. I use it mainly for putting and driving off the tee on shorter holes both in Disc Golf Valley and in real life. Grab one here on advertisment

#2 Latitude 64 Compass

Speed: 5, Glide: 5, Turn: 0, Fade: 1

Stability: Stable

Disc Golf Valley Latitude 64 Compass

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“The Latitude 64 Compass gives me a lot of confidence on the course as I can trust it on almost every angle.” This is what world-class player, Ricky Wysocki said about this midrange disc. In short, this was his signature midrange disc, when he was sponsored by Latitude 64 and that should tell you a lot about this sleek midrange.

As a straight flyer, it will go exactly where you want it to go thanks to its predictable fade. With a narrow rim and a fairly shallow grip, this is a midrange that feels natural in almost any hand. With the skill and approval of a world-class player such as Wysocki, this is a midrange that’s perfect for the pro-level. Beginners will, however, love its very straight flight and nice grip thanks to its Opto Plastic and designs. Grab a Compass here on

#3 Latitude 64 Explorer

Speed: 7, Glide: 5, Turn: 0, Fade: 2

Stability: Stable

Disc Golf Valley Latitude 64 explorer

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Just like in the Disc Golf Valley mobile game, Latitude 64 Explorer flies straight as an arrow in real life. It’s an extremely popular and probably one of the best fairway drivers both in Disc Golf Valley and in real life. Latitude 64 Explorer was also chosen 2018 UWDG Disc Of The Year. “Designed to be the workhorse for all kinds of accurate fairway drives, this stable and versatile fairway driver was developed in cooperation with two-time World Champion Ricky Wysocki.” Grab an Explorer here on

#4 Latitude 64 Saint

Speed: 9, Glide: 7, Turn: -2, Fade: 2

Stability: Understable

Disc Golf Valley Latitude 64 Saint

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Latitude 64 Saint is a highly praised straight flying control driver that provides more distance both for amateurs and intermediate players. When you are looking for an understable fairway driver that has a slight “S curve” then Saint will deliver. When thrown to about 350 feet the Saint will be a straight shooter and has excellent glide. Thrown with more power the disc will turn over more and become understable followed by moderate fade. If you can reach above 350 feet, I’d recommend trying Saint’s bigger brother and slighty more stable Saint Pro.

The Latitude 64 Saint disc has some serious glide, and is one of only two discs that has a glide rating of 7. Latitude 64 says the Saint is a “slightly longer River.” Check out Latitude 64 Saint here on

#5 Latitude 64 Recoil

Speed: 12, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 3

Stability: Overstable

Disc Golf Valley Latitude 64 Opto Recoil

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Some say that Latitude 64 Recoil is the Trilogy’s Destroyer (reference to Innova Destroyer). There’s a reason why other disc manufacturers try to recreate the Innova Destroyer as it’s the world’s most popular disc golf distance driver. Just like Innova Destroyer, the Latitude 64 Recoil is a very fast and reliable distance driver that offers both high and low-speed stability. As it’s an all-round performer, this is a great disc for driving whether you’re a sidearm thrower or a backhand thrower. So if you like Innova Destroyer you will most probably like the Latitude 64 Recoil and I seriously recommend looking into Recoils. Grab yours here on

Here is a review of Latitude 64 Recoil by Teemu Nissinen:

#6 Latitude 64 Havoc

Speed: 13, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 3

Stability: Stable

Disc Golf Valley Latitude 64 Havoc

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Latitude 64 Havoc is a high-speed driver that flies extremely far because of it’s stability. For beginners and intermediate skill level players the Havoc might just be the farther flying distance driver for a while all due to it’s high glide and understability when thrown with power. It is easy to throw and will fit perfectly for forehand and backhand shots. Grab one here on

#7 Latitude 64 Ballista Pro

Speed: 14, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 3

Stability: Overstable

Disc Golf Valley Latitude 64 Ballista Pro

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Aahhh, the infamous and the best distance driver in Disc Golf Valley, Latitude 64 Ballista Pro, bigger and badder brother to the popular distance driver, the Ballista. The Latitude 64 Ballista Pro flies extremely far in the Disc Golf Valley, my farthest drive in the game with the Ballista Pro stands at 850 feet (259 meters) … In addition, this disc is also go to distance driver for Albert Tamm, who is the curent reigning and multiple Estonian National Disc Golf Champion. Albert has thrown a Latitude 64 Ballista Pro to a distance of 626 feet (190.8 meters).

But for rest of us mere mortals, who don’t throw 600 feet or more in real life, the Latitude 64 Ballista pro is an overstable distance driver. Due to it’s overstability you can put all sorts of angles on it and it will fly far, thus it’s extremely handy in windy conditions. Check out Latitude 64 Ballista Pro here on advertisment

Best Disc Golf Distance Tips

Distance shouldn’t be your main concern every single time you play. Instead, your main priority should be how to get the disc into the basket with the fewest good and accurate amounts of throws as possible. Once you can throw accurately, you can then start worrying about throwing far.

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Top 7 Disc Golf Distance Tips

How to join Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook group?

Joining the Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook group is fairly simple. If you already have a Facebook account just click here or on the image below and you will be redirected to Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook group, where you can find a button to “Join Group” or just search for “Disc Golf Valley Players Page” on Facebook search.

The Disc Golf Valley Players Page Facebook group is an awesome community. The group is for everything DGV including some great tournaments, finding people to play with, game discussion, game updates, tips and more! They’ve compiled some great resources to help answer some of your most frequently asked questions, as well as help you get started with the game!

Disc Golf Valley Players Page


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