Paul McBeth IN THE BAG 2024 – Team Discraft

Paul McBeth, from Huntington Beach, California, United States, is considered as one of the best Male Professional Open disc golf players of all-time. At the beginning of the 2021 season, McBeth signed a 10-year, $10 Million endorsement deal with Discraft, far and away the largest in the sport’s history.

Paul McBeth in the bag 2024, full list of discs:

TypeName (QTY)Plastic
BagGRIPeq AX5 Paul McBeth bag-
Putting putter Discraft Luna (x2)CT
Throwing putterDiscraft Luna (x1)Special Blend
Throwing PutterDiscraft Luna (x1)Metallic Z (Tour Series)
Throwing PutterDiscraft Zone (x1)Z (4X Claw)
MidrangeDiscraft Wasp (x1)Jawbreaker
MidrangeDiscraft Wasp (x1)CT
MidrangeDiscraft Wasp (x1)CT Glo Jawbreaker
MidrangeDiscraft Buzzz (x1)ESP
MidrangeDiscraft Buzzz (x1)"One of the older Buzzzes"
MidrangeDiscraft Buzzz (x1)Nate Doss TI
Fairway driverDiscraft Captains Raptor (x1)Special Blend Z
Fairway driverDiscraft Heat (x1)ESP
Fairway driverDiscraft Undertaker (x1)Titanium
Fairway driverDiscraft Undertaker (x1)TI (4X Claw)
Fairway driverDiscraft Reaper (x1)Special Blend
Fairway driverDiscraft Reaper (x2)ESP (Tour Series)
Fairway driverDiscraft Vulture (x1)Big Z
Fairway driverDiscraft Anax (x1)ESP
Distance driverDiscraft Zeus (x1)Big Z
Distance driverDiscraft Force (x1)ESP
Distance driverDiscraft Force (x3)ESP (Austin Hannum Tour Series)

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What Disc Golf Bag is Paul McBeth Using?

Paul McBeth is using his own Paul McBeth signature series GRIPeq AX5 disc golf bag.

The newly released GRIPeq AX5 easily fits 22-discs in the main compartment. It has reinforced Ergo shaped shoulder straps, adjustable sternum synch and many other new or updated features. Get yours by clicking here!

What Disc Golf Putters Does Paul McBeth Use?

For putting putter Paul McBeth uses Discraft Luna in CT plastic.

Here’s Paul McBeth putting with his Luna for the 2021 USDGC title:

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What Throwing Putters is Paul McBeth Using?

For throwing putters, Paul McBeth heavily relies on his Discraft Z Zone (4X Claw), which he’s been bagging since joining the Team Discraft back in 2018. In addition to the Zone, he likes to throw Discraft Lunas in Tour Series Metallic Z and Special Blend plastic.

Paul really loves throwing his Zones, here’s a great video of him throwing one:

What Disc Golf Midranges is Paul McBeth Using?

McBeth is bagging a total of 6 different midrange discs in his bag for this season.

Discraft Wasp – Jawbreaker, CT and CT Glo Jawbreaker plastic;

Discraft Buzzz – ESP, Nate Doss Tour Series TI and “One of the older Buzzzes”.

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What Fairway Drivers is Paul McBeth Using?

Ever wondered what kind of fairway drivers is McBeth using? Here’s a list of fairway drivers Paul’s using according to his latest in the bag video + which plastic:

Discraft Captains Raptor – Special Blend Z;

Discraft Heat – ESP plastic;

Discraft Undertaker – TI (4X Claw);

Discraft Reaper – Special Blend & ESP (Tour Series);

Discraft Vulture – Big Z;

Discraft Anax – ESP plastic.

What Distance Drivers is Paul “McBeast” McBeth Using?

Paul McBeth’s GO-TO distance drivers are the Discraft Zeus and Discraft Force.

Discraft Zeus – Big Z plastic;

Discraft Force – ESP & ESP Austin Hannum Tour Series.

Here’s a picture of Paul McBeth and his “NEAR PERFECT” backhand form:

All the above-mentioned discs are from a video that Paul McBeth posted in May 2022 in preparation for the Champions Cup, first Major of the 2022.


Paul McBeth Signs 10-Year, $10 Million Contract Extension with Discraft

Paul McBeth has signed a 10-year, $10 million contract extension with Discraft through 2031, the company announced in a video posted Wednesday on YouTube. In a rare move in the disc golf industry, Discraft directly announced the size of the contract, far and away the largest in the sport’s history.

Source –

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