Ricky Wysocki IN THE BAG – Team Dynamic Discs

Ricky Wysocki, from Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, is one of the best Male Professional Open disc golf players in the world. At the end of the 2021 season, Ricky signed a four year, $4 million endorsement deal with Dynamic Discs.

Ricky Wysocki earned a total of 83,776 USD in the 2023 DGPT season

Ricky Wysocki 2024 in the bag, full list of discs:

Bag/CartDynamic Discs Transit Cart by ZUCA-
Putting putterLatitude 64 DaggerBurst Hard
Throwing putterWestside Discs HarpBT Medium
Throwing putterDynamic Discs SlammerRaptor Eye
Throwing putterDynamic Discs SlammerLucid Ice
MidrangeLatitude 64 TrustOrbit Bazooka
MidrangeLatitude 64 TrustRoyal
MidrangeLatitude 64 CompassGold Line
MidrangeDynamic Discs FugitiveSupreme
MidrangeDynamic Discs TruthEmac
Fairway driverDynamic Discs EvaderTriple burst
Fairway driverDynamic Discs EvaderPrototype
Fairway driverLatitude 64 GloryOrbit
Fairway driverDynamic Discs FelonGlimmer
Fairway driverDynamic Discs FelonFuzion Raptor Eye
Fairway driverDynamic Discs FelonOrbit
Distance driverDynamic Discs EnforcerOrbit
Distance driverDynamic Discs EnforcerLucid
Distance driverDynamic Discs EnforcerGlimmer
Distance driverLatitude 64 RiveRoyal
Distance driverLatitude 64 RiveOrbit
Distance driverDynamic Discs RaiderLucid Ice

Where to Buy Discs That Ricky Wysocki is Using?

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What Disc Golf Cart is Ricky Wysocki Using?

Ricky Wysocki is currently using the Dynamic Discs Transit Cart by ZUCA.

The cart’s main compartment fits up to 25 discs comfortably and is designed to take on any terrain on the disc golf course. In addition, it helps with back strain and pain from picking up your disc golf bag after every throw. It’s an excellent disc golf equipment for tournament play. Furthermore, the top of the Transit Cart doubles as a portable seat so you can take a seat any where on the course.

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What Putting Putter does Ricky Wysocki use?

For putting putters Ricky Wysocki uses Latitude 64 Daggers in Burst Hard plastic.

Here’s a short video of Ricky Wysocki putting:

What Throwing Putters is Ricky Wysocki Using?

For throwing putters, Ricky really loves throwing the Westside Discs Harp in BT medium plastic.

In addition to the Harp, Ricky throws his signature series Dynamic Discs Slammer.

Ricky Wysocki throwing a Westside Discs Harp:

What Midranges is Ricky Wysocki Using?

Ricky is bagging a total of 5 different midrange discs in his cart in the 2024 season.

Latitude 64 Trust – Royal

Latitude 64 Trust – Orbit Bazooka

Latitude 64 Compass – Gold Line

Dynamic Discs Fugitive – Supreme

Dynamic Discs Truth – Emac

What Fairway Drivers is Ricky Wysocki Using?

Dynamic Discs Evader – Triple burst

Dynamic Discs Evader – Prototype

Latitude 64 Glory – Orbit

Dynamic Discs Felon – Glimmer

Dynamic Discs Felon – Fuzion Raptor Eye

Dynamic Discs Felon – Orbit

Here’s a video of Ricky Wysocki throwing his Dynamic Discs Lucid ICE Criminal fairway driver:

What Distance Drivers is Ricky Wysocki Using?

Dynamic Discs Enforcer – Orbit

Dynamic Discs Enforcer – Lucid

Dynamic Discs Enforcer – Glimmer

Latitude 64 Rive – Royal

Latitude 64 Rive – Orbit

Dynamic Discs Raider – Lucid ICE

You might also want to check out this hype video from Ricky Wysocki:

PS! More updates coming soon!

Ricky Wysocki ITB 2023 Team Dynamic Discs

VIDEO – Ricky Wysocki In The Bag 2023:

Dynamic Discs Ricky Wysocki new lineup coming soon

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